Horticulture Centerwise Plan for April to June 2017

Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Network (BAEN): A national platform of agricultural extension actors

Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA) as a part of Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) organized a meeting on 14-15 January, 2014 at Katmandu, Nepal for “Strengthening Extension and Advisory Services in south Asia”. A total of 29 participants from seven South Asian countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka and India attended in this meeting. Md. Hamidur Rahman, former Director General of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) participated in the meeting and he was requested by Dr. Rasheed Sulaiman, Chairman, GFRAS and Focul Point of AESA to lead the establishment of a country forum in Bangladesh.

Accordingly, Second Crop Diversification Project (SCDP) of DAE with technical collaboration from AESA organized a meeting on 01 September, 2014 on “Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh” at BARC. A total of 75 participants from various Departments of Bangladesh involved with agricultural extension and advisory services attended in this meeting. The meeting was decided to form an extension network in the name of “Bangladesh Extension Network (BENet). An Ad-hoc Executive Committee of BENet was formed consisting of 18 Members.

One of the activities of IFMC is to establish a dialogue forum through consultation with stakeholders who subscribe to purpose and aim. The dialogue forum will mainstream FFS principles into extension activities in Bangladesh, regardless of the terminology used by various projects and funding agencies. Whether a group extension methodology is termed an FFS or some other term is used, the same principles of participation, farmer empowerment and experimental learning should be applied, and top down supply led approaches should be avoided. A systematic effort has been given to strengthen linkages in the field of agricultural extension through close and frequent collaboration among all the actors, be they public sector, NGOs or private sector will ensure this process. DAE in the lead this platform will include other public sector extension providers, NGO extension providers as well as private sector actors and farmers own organizations that are involved in extension, enhancing opportunities for coordination and sharing of experiences and lessons learnt as well as developing best practices. With DAE, IFMC took the lead to initiate a National platform of extension actors.
Another activity is coordination and exchange of lessons among different extension actors. IFMC is providing budget and logistical support to the platform, which will meet two times per year. The platform will encourage actors to exchange experiences both from long term activities and from pilot activities, discuss ideas, consider opportunities for collaboration and ways to avoid duplication and find synergies in current and future projects and activities. Sharing outcomes of evaluations and studies of ongoing activities will also be encouraged through the platform.  Two field visits per year will be arranged to give opportunities to visit ongoing and pilot activities of particular interest to the Platform members. An output of these meetings, over time will be the development of ‘Best practice guidelines’ for group extension methodologies in Bangladesh.
A seminar was organized on 12 February, 2015 by Integrated Farm Management Component (IFMC) of DAE to Create a National Platform for Extension Actors (NPEA) and a Working Committee was formed. A working committee meeting of NPEA was held on 12 July, 2015 and decided to work with BE-net and form a subcommittee to develop a ToR for NPEA and BE-net. A joint meeting of NPEA and BE-net working committee representatives was held on 16 September, 2015 and decided to work together with a new name as Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Network (BAEN).

VISION: Extension services for sustainable agricultural productivity

MISSION: Sustainable growth in agricultural productivity through identification, documentation and dissemination of good agricultural practices and extension approaches for environment friendly socio-economic growth in Bangladesh.


  1.  Identifying, documenting and disseminating good agricultural practices and extension approaches
  2.   Developing innovation in extension approaches
  3.   Strengthening capacity of the extension professional
  4.   Supporting research for socio-eco-friendly sustainable agricultural productivity
  5.   Promoting awareness, knowledge sharing and networking for building effective and efficient extension and advisory services nationally, regionally and globally


  1.  Acting as a national platform for agricultural extension actors for coordination and exchange of knowledge and information
  2.  Contributing in development, reform and advocacy on National  Agricultural Extension policy
  3.  Identifying and disseminating climate smart agricultural technologies
  4.  Rewarding for good agricultural practices and extension approach
  5.  Identification of potential stakeholders of agricultural extension
  6.  Establishment of collaboration among all agricultural actors of private and public sectors
  7.  Sharing of ideas by arranging national seminars, extension day/extension fair, symposium, workshop, training etc. for presenting the good agricultural practices and extension approaches and developing a common action plan for way forward
  8. Joint activities including visits to field implementation and presentation on agricultural practices and extension approaches
  9.  Facilitating in  common understanding of different agricultural  practices and extension approaches
  10.  Development of common presentation format and set evaluation  criteria of good agricultural practices and extension approaches
  11.  Development and documentation of Manual/Guideline for Good Agricultural Practices
  12.  Focusing on institutional development for the producer/farmers group and explore the way of linking them with extension platform
  13. Developing directory of agricultural extension and advisory service providers.






Joint field visit with AFSP and Katalyst in IFMC Comilla Region.The field visit started on 31.05.16 with visits to IFMC activities at Nangolkot and BaruraUpzillaof Comilla and continued on 01.06.16 with Katalyst activities at Dagunbuian and FeniSadarUpzilla of Feni respectively.

12-03-2016 to 13-03-2016


Members of Parliamentary Standing Committee of Ministry of Agricultural affairs along with IFMC and DAE official visited the IFMC project area. They observed different activities conducted by IFMC project in the southern part of the country.

11-01-2016 to 14-01-2016 Joint field visit between IFMC & Danida funded AFSP project implemented by UNDP,Chittagong Hill tract during January 11,2016 to January 14,2016
24-11-2016 Ms.Hanne Fugl Eskjær, Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark is visiting FFS.

IFMC Orientation Workshop at NATA,Gazipur.







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